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Nani Two Hats

Two Artful HatsAs both an artist and a writer, I’ve always loved making things with tangible materials and with words. I first offered writing services in the late 1980s through a writing and design business I called Steps. Later, I satisfied my desire to be part of the  making process by managing print production and/or creative services at an ad agency, design firms, and in-house marketing studios.

When print manager jobs became scarce a few years back, I shifted writing to the starring role in my worklife. (You can read  more about that journey here.) I spent the past two years at an earth science consulting firm where I oversaw implementation of a new website, planned and wrangled its contents, and wrote large chunks of the copy you can read on their site. My design firm and project management experience served me well as I oversaw bringing that website together, and I loved crafting stories about the company’s people and projects.

Although I do enjoy the web, having a hand in creating tangible printed products truly makes my heart sing. I’m a maker who is the perfect fit for projects that draw on both skill sets to facilitate happy marriages of beautifully designed real-world objects and on-target brand messaging.

A Collaborative Approach

As a creative-project manager, my core talent is bringing designers’ visions to fruition by producing tangible, aesthetically pleasing products. Consider me your design advocate! My long experience with and exposure to design, branding, and messaging help me offer insightful critiques. I also identify the most efficient path to our goal and work in partnership with creative teams and vendors to clear any roadblock that might prevent us from delivering the project on spec, on time, and on budget.

As a writer, I learn about the subject at hand through interviews and research, then translate the pithy details into engaging copy and stories that regular, everyday people will understand and enjoy. Past project partners say they have enjoyed our lively conversations and my creative, collaborative style.

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